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UFC 81: Breaking Point live round-by-round results

Live round-by-round results of UFC 81: Breaking Point from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1. Rob Emerson (155) def. Keita Nakamura (155) via split decision
2. Marvin Eastman (185) def. Terry Martin (186) via unanimous decision
3. Tim Boetsch (205) def. David Heath (205) via TKO (strikes) - R1 (4:52)
4. Chris Lytle (170) def. Kyle Bradley (170) via TKO (strikes) - R1 (0:33)
5. Tyson Griffin (155) def. Gleison Tibau (156) via unanimous decision
6. Ricardo Almeida (185) def. Rob Yundt (185) via sub (guillotine) - R1 (1:08)
7. Nate Marquardt (185) def. Jeremy Horn (185) via sub (guillotine) - R2 (1:37)
8. Frank Mir (255) def. Brock Lesnar (265) via sub (kneebar) - R1 (1:30)
9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (237) def. Tim Sylvia (261) via sub (guillotine) - R3 (1:28)


LW: Gleison Tibau (156) vs. Tyson Griffin (155)

R1: Griffin feels Tibau out with a leg kick and straight rights. Griffin connects with the leg kicks, which aren't answered. Griffin starts throwing body shots. They clinch with three minutes left. Tibau drops Griffin to his knees but Griffin quickly stands back up. Griffin is throwing a combination of punches fast and hard. He's connecting on the straight rights. Tibau quickly forces the fight to the ground with a takedown. Tibau secures the crucifix but Griffin stands back up into clinch. Tibau scores another takedown. Once again, Griffin stands back up.

R2: Griffin misses a right to shoot for the takedown. They are in clinch with Griffin against the fence. They separate. They trade punches. Tibau scores the takedown. Tibau lets Griffin back up. Griffin connects with a right. Griffin continues to work on kicks to Tibau's leg and body. Tibau takes Griffin down with 20 seconds left. Griffin scrambles back up. Griffin is clearly winning the stand up with his straight rights while Tibau is dominating the wrestling aspect of the fight.

R3: Tibau takes Griffin down and is in Griffin's half guard. Griffin escapes but eats some punches on his way out. Tibau with another takedown but Griffin quickly gets back up. Griffin effectively attacks the body of Tibau. They are in clinch with Griffin stomping Tibau's foot. They separate with twelve seconds left, but there is not enough time for either man to put something together.

Griffin wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

MW: Rob Yundt (185) vs. Ricardo Almeida (185)

R1: Almeida takes Yundt down forty seconds into the fight. Almeida slickly applies the guillotine choke (with the arm in, Renzo Gracie-style). Yundt tries to slam Almeida off, but Yundt ends up flipped on his own back. Yundt taps out and Almeida is victorious in his return to MMA.

Almeida wins via sub (guillotine choke) - R1 (1:08)

MW: Jeremy Horn (185) vs. Nate Marquardt (185)

R1: Marquardt clinches with Horn and finishes the takedown 26 seconds in. Marquardt is landing rights from Horn's open guard. Marquardt allows Horn to stand back up. They are in clinch again and Marquardt completes another takedown. They are back to standing clinch. Marquardt drops Horn with a right and his mouthpiece is out. Horn recovers. Horn is working for the gogoplata, but doesn't get it.

R2: Horn lands a leg kick. Marquardt answers back but slips to his back. Horn opens up a slight cut over Marquardt's right eye. They are back up. Horn shoots but gets his neck caught. Horn taps out to a guillotine choke.

Marquardt wins via sub (guillotine choke) - R2 (1:37)

HW: Frank Mir (255) vs. Brock Lesnar (265)

R1: Lesnar takes Mir down less than ten seconds in. Lesnar is in Mir's halfguard. Lesnar fires away with rights. The referee breaks them. Lesnar is deducted a point for hitting Mir in the back of the head. They are restarted standing. Lesnar drops Mir with a punch. Lensar is moving very well. Mir almost gets an armbar. Lesnar is pounding away nonstop. Lesnar stands up. Mir secures a kneebar and Lesnar taps.

Mir wins via sub (kneebar) - R1 (1:30)

HW: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (237) vs. Tim Sylvia (261)

R1: Nogueira shoots and Sylvia sprawls. Nogueira allows Sylvia to go in his half guard. Sylvia escapes and they are back up. Sylvia lands a jab. Nogueira answers with a right. Nogueira lands a jab. Sylvia connects with an uppercut and Nogueira answers with a jab. Sylvia drops Nogueira with a left hook and ar ight. Sylvia is trying to ground and pound his way to victory. Sylvia allows the fight get back up with 2:24 left. Sylvia returns to Nogueira's half guard shortly after. And again, Sylvia leaves to put the fight back on their feet. Nogueira tries for the takedown but Sylvia stuffs it. They exchange jabs. Nogueira scores the single leg right before the end of round 1.

R2: They tag each other with punches. Nogueira tries the single leg but Sylvia quickly backs away. Nogueira tries for the single leg to no success. Sylvia begins to mix in body shots. Nogueira tries the single leg. He is forced to release the attempt after a long battle for the takedown. Sylvia lands a hard right. Nogueira answers with a nice left hook.

R3: Sylvia blasts Nogueira with a right. Sylvia stuffs a single leg. Nogueira pulls guard and has Sylvia in his halfguard. Nogueira sweeps Sylvia into side control. Nogueira finally gets Sylvia in trouble. Sylvia tries to escape but Nogueira secures the guillotine choke and Sylvia taps. Nogueira wins the UFC heavyweight title.

Nogueira wins via sub (guillotine choke) - R3 (1:28)

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