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UFC 80 Was No Rip Off

Yesterday I wrote that the UFC 80 card wasn't a particularly impressive lineup, and that it was shaping up to be a rip off perpetrated upon the fans of UFC by Dana White.

Well, that turned out to be totally wrong. From start to finish, UFC 80 was an absolutely phenomenal card. Here's what The Big Lead had to say:

Anyone that had the pleasure of watching UFC 80 last night - wow. Top-to-bottom that was the best collection of fights I've ever seen in one event. I'm going to go ahead and say it was the best UFC card in the history of the sport.
That's a bold statement, but it's hard to argue with it. Although I dislike watching fights on tape delay and would have preferred not to have such a long gap before the Gonzaga-Werdum fight while a pre-taped fight was shown, the fact is, every fight fell somewhere between very good and great. It was a hell of a card.

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