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UFC 80 Live Blog: B.J. Penn-Joe Stevenson

Welcome to the FanHouse live blog of the main event at UFC 80, featuring B.J. Penn fighting Joe "Daddy" Stevenson for the vacant Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title.

The UFC 80 pay-per-view broadcast is being shown live from Newcastle, England. The undercard is over, and the main event should start a little after 5 p.m. Eastern.

Live, round-by-round updates of Penn vs. Stevenson are available after the jump.
Once the fighters enter the Octagon, refresh this page every 30 seconds or so for live, round-by-round updates.

Sean Sherk, the man who was stripped of the lightweight title to turn this into a title fight, is in attendance and acting as a guest commentator.

B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson
Stevenson enters the Octagon to Bush's "Machinehead." Odd choice. Stevenson has now stepped into the Octagon. Penn enters the Octagon to a Hawaiian song with which I'm not familiar. Penn has now stepped into the Octagon.

Round 1: This fight is underway. Penn comes in quickly and lands some big strikes. He's got Stevenson in trouble early on. Penn is landing some solid elbows now. Stevenson wasn't ready for such a quick start by Penn, and he's just trying to hang on. Stevenson survived the initial attack, but Penn still has the advantage. Penn is on top and is looking good. Penn landed a couple more strikes, and Stevenson has really done nothing except play defense. Stevenson is finally landing some strikes on the ground after four minutes. It's pretty impressive that Stevenson got back to guard, but a big elbow landed a gash on Stevenson's forehead. This is one of the worst cuts I've ever seen. Stevenson is drenched in blood. This round definitely goes to Penn, 10-9. The cut is to Stevenson's forehead, and it'll be interesting to see if they let him continue into the second round.

Round 2: The fight continues, but Stevenson is still bleeding. There is no way Stevenson can fight 20 more minutes with this cut. He's going to need to win this thing quickly. Penn lands a nice left hand, and the first minute of this round has been a boxing match. Penn knows he doesn't need to do much of anything because eventually that cut is going to keep Stevenson from fighting. The blood is streaming down Stevenson's face right now. The cut is in the middle of his forehead, which is good because blood isn't getting into his eyes. But they've now halted the fight to have the doctor look at the cut. The doctor says he can keep going, but at some point this fight is going to have to be stopped, because the blood is all over the place. They're on the ground and now both men have Stevenson's blood all over them. Penn is landing strikes and Stevenson is a bloody mess. Blood is spurting out Stevenson's forehead. This is one of the bloodiest fights in the history of mixed martial arts. Both guys are just dripping blood from their bodies, but the blood is all Stevenson's. Now Penn applies a choke on the ground. B.J. Penn defeats Joe Stevenson by tapout due to a rear-naked choke.