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UFC Sues Randy Couture

Zuffa LLC, the parent company of Ultimate Fighting Championship, has filed a lawsuit against Randy Couture, the heavyweight champion who retired last year and accused UFC of mistreating him.

The lawsuit, which has been obtained by TMZ (PDF), accuses Couture of conspiracy and says, "Couture devised and began implementing a tortious scheme and artifice whereby he and others acting on his behalf would fabricate a false and fictitious history of events in which Couture was purportedly lied to and otherwise personally abused."

Per TMZ, UFC says Couture lied when he claimed he was not paid a signing bonus and that fighters were paid bonuses "under the table."

UFC also says Couture violated his contract by saying he would promote a team in the International Fighting League. UFC seeks damages in excess of $50,000 in the suit, but what it really wants is to get Couture back into the Octagon. UFC is, it stands to reason, hoping a settlement of the suit might bring Couture back into its stable.

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