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Fedor Emelianenko Defeats Hong Man Choi

The best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, continued his winning streak today in Tokyo with a dramatic first-round submission over the South Korean giant Hong Man Choi.

Emelianenko, who spurned the American Ultimate Fighting Championship because Japanese promotions offered him more money and more freedom than UFC, showed once again that he's got both the strength and the technical precision to dominate mixed martial arts.

The 7-foot-2, 360-pound Choi gave it a game effort and landed a couple of rough strikes, badly bruising Emelianenko's face. But Emelianenko has much better MMA skills, and as soon as they went to the ground, it was clear that Emelianenko was going to win.

Although Choi was on top and landed a few solid strikes to Emelianenko's face, Emelianenko quickly got Choi's arm locked in a textbook submission hold, and Choi had no choice but to tap out.

The fight was part of a New Year's Eve event in Tokyo that has become one of the biggest annual sports traditions in Japan. Emelianenko gave the Japanese fans a good show.

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