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UFC 79: Nemesis Live Blog -- Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

This is the FanHouse live blog of tonight's UFC 79 co-main event, featuring live, round-by-round updates of all the action as Chuck Liddell takes on Wanderlei Silva.

The Liddell-Silva fight should begin a little after 11:30 p.m.

After the Liddell-Silva fight is over, you can check out our Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.-Pierre live blog.

Full, round-by-round updates of Liddell-Silva are available after the jump.

Refresh this page often for constant updates

Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

Silva has entered the Octagon. I'm surprised the extent to which the fans are cheering him, considering that he's taking on America's most popular MMA fighter.

Liddell has entered the Octagon to a loud ovation.
Round 1: This fight is underway. They're starting out cautiously. Through the first minute they've basically just walked around the Octagon and tried to avoid being the one to make the first move. Liddell misses with a right hand. Silva gets a leg kick. Liddell lands some strikes and they're drilling each other. Liddell misses with a high kick. An explosive 30 seconds gave us our best action of the night. Liddell is the aggressor but he missed wildly with a punch. They've now slowed down a bit. Nice left and a right hand by Liddell, but then Silva counters with a right. This has more or less been a boxing match with a couple of kicks mixed in through four minutes. Liddell landed harder, more effective punches, and I give this round to Liddell, 10-9.

Round 2: Silva is the aggressor to start round 2. He lands a couple of strikes and goes to the inside. Silva lands a straight shot to the chin that staggers Liddell. The fight has been almost exclusively a boxing match. We're halfway through the fight and they've exchanged a lot of punches. Silva knocks Liddell to the ground, but Liddell gets right back up. Now they're in a clinch, they're going against the cage, and Silva is bleeding badly. They're drilling each other with punches and Silva has an enormous cut on his face. But despite the blood, Silva is landing shots. They go to the ground with 10 seconds left in the round. An absolutely extraordinary round of mixed martial arts. Blood is pouring down the face of Silva. I give the round to Liddell, 10-9.

Round 3: What a move by Liddell to start the round. He took Silva to the ground, and Silva never saw it coming. They stand back up and Silva lands a solid left hand. Silva is having a very hard time seeing with all the blood in his eyes. Liddell spins, hits Silva, and backs him up against the fence. Liddell is dominating this fight and Silva is in serious trouble. I'm amazed that Silva is still in this thing, with 2:15 to go. Liddell has Silva backed up again and is still landing strikes. Liddell is clearly exhausted from all the punching he's done, though nowhere near as exhausted as Silva. Liddell with the takedown with just seconds left. This fight is over, and I give round 3 to Liddell, 10-9. I'll tell you what the judges say just as soon as it's announced.

Chuck Liddell beats Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision
After that, join me for the Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.-Pierre live blog.

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