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UFC 79 Live Blog: Georges St.-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes for Welterweight Championship

This is the FanHouse live blog of the main event for tonight's UFC 79, featuring Matt Hughes taking on Georges St.-Pierre for the UFC interim welterweight title.

The undercard is over, and the Hughes vs. St.-Pierre main event should start a little after midnight Eastern.

You can follow along with live, round-by-round coverage of St.-Pierre vs. Hughes after the jump.

Refresh this page often for constant updates.

Georges St.-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes
Hughes has entered the Octagon. St.-Pierre has entered the Octagon.

Round 1
: This fight is underway, and they touch gloves to get it started. Hughes tried a takedown, GSP tried a high kick, neither was effective. GSP misses with another kick, and then they go to the ground briefly, but GSP gets out of it and gets back on his feet. Then GSP takes Hughes down and has him on his back. GSP is landing strikes with Hughes on his back, and GSP is in total control early. GSP has landed some hard right hands. GSP absolutely controls the first round from the ground. The first round goes to St.-Pierre, 10-9.

Round 2: GSP gets the early takedown, and Hughes is on his back again. For GSP to take Hughes down so easily spells trouble. Hughes is trying to land some punches from the bottom, but St.-Pierre is in control. Hughes is trying to get out, but St.-Pierre is still in control and they're on the ground against the cage. Finally Hughes does something, grabbing GSP's legs. They stand back up, and then it's an absolutely beautiful takedown by GSP. GSP is going for the submission. And it's over! Hughes taps out! Georges St.-Pierre beats Matt Hughes by verbal submission with an arm bar.

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