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UFC 79: Chuck Liddell to Wanderlei Silva: 'I Promise You, I'm Going to Knock You Out'

At UFC 79 tonight, Chuck Liddell will take on Wanderlei Silva. Here's their pre-fight press conference:

Liddell, despite his two-match losing streak, continues to talk tough.

"I'm just excited this fight's finally happening, it's been a long time getting this one going," Liddell said. "When they offered me this fight I got real excited again, I got back in the gym. So I'm ready to go, I'm real excited, and I promise you, like I said before I'm going to knock you out."

Silva isn't quite the talker Liddell is, but Silva continues to discuss his training, which, he says, has been the hardest of his career. In my view, it's that superior conditioning that is going to be the difference tonight, and it's Silva who will knock Liddell out.

We'll be live blogging UFC 79 here at FanHouse.

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