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Better Matchup: UFC 79 or Patriots-Giants?

Saturday night's biggest sporting event is the New England Patriots-New York Giants game, in which the Patriots will attempt to become the first team in NFL history to finish a season 16-0.

But the second-biggest event is UFC 79, with Chuck Liddell taking on Wanderlei Silva and Georges St. Pierre taking on Matt Hughes. And although my favorite sport is football, I think you can make a pretty good case that UFC 79 is actually the better matchup.

The key is that with Patriots-Giants, the game is only meaningful to one side. The Patriots want to win because they want their place in history, but the Giants already know that no matter what happens Saturday night, they'll open the playoffs a week later in Tampa Bay. The Giants can talk all they want about how they're taking this game seriously, but does anyone really believe that they're not watching some Buccaneers tape this week?

With UFC 79, all involved are in it to win it. Silva, for one, has talked about how he changed his life for the Liddell fight. Week 17 of the NFL regular season has become awfully similar to Week 5 of the preseason, and because of that, I'll take UFC 79 over Patriots-Giants.

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