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UFC 79: Wanderlei Silva on Chuck Liddell Fight: 'I Changed My Life for This Match'

At UFC 79 on Saturday night, Wanderlei Silva will take on Chuck Liddell in a fight that doesn't have anywhere near the appeal that it would have had a year and a half ago. But while fans might not see this fight as quite as big a deal as it could have been, Silva says in this ESPN-produced video that he's taking the fight very seriously:

"I changed my life for this match," Silva said, "moving for training here in Vegas, I and my family, I changed everything, you know, I changed my trainer, I changed my gym, I changed my system for jiu-jitsu training, all for this match."

After the jump, see what Liddell had to say about Silva.

We'll be live blogging UFC 79 here at FanHouse.