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Sister of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Star Ryan Gracie Calls Doctor Who Treated Him 'a Murderer'

The circumstances surrounding the death of Ryan Gracie are, to say the least, bizarre. Gracie, a member of the most famous family in the sport of mixed martial arts, was arrested on Friday and found dead in his prison cell on Saturday morning. Here's a Ryan Gracie tribute video:

So what killed Gracie? The official word was a heart attack. Sherdog reports that the Gracie family is blaming a psychiatrist named Sabino de Farias Ferreira Neto, who treated Gracie when he was brought to jail. The implication seems to be that the family thinks the doctor gave Gracie inappropriate medication:

"Doctor Sabino is crazy, a murderer," Flávia Gracie, sister of the fighter, said in statements to the Brazilian press. "I told him to stop giving medicine to my brother. He said it was to prevent Ryan from being aggressive at the station. I argued that too much medicine would hurt, and the doctor replied that any remedy hurt, even aspirin."
Obviously, any time a person dies in a jail cell, it needs to be investigated. But calling the doctor "a murderer" is so over the top that it's hard to take much the Gracie family says about this seriously.

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