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CNBC Special on UFC Might Actually Be Fair

CNBC will air a one-hour special about UFC on Thursday night called Ultimate Fighting: From Blood Sport to Big Time, and the shocking thing about it is that it seems it will actually be a fair, even-handed look at UFC and mixed martial arts, judging from this video that has been released in advance (via MMA Mania):

That was Rich Franklin, coming across like an intelligent person, not a Neanderthal, which is how the media usually like to portray UFC fighters (and their fans).

CNBC's press release describes the special like this:
The program examines Ultimate Fighting's presence not just in the sporting world, but also on the landscape of popular culture. With a devoted fan base of young males, the franchise is in many ways an advertiser's dream, though one that Madison Avenue has approached with some caution because of its controversial nature. CNBC takes a look at the range of promotions, endorsements and movie deals tied to the sport as well as at TapouT, the successful apparel company created by three hardcore fans whom turned their passion for mixed martial arts into a thriving multi-million dollar business.

Sounds like it's worth watching.

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