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Despite Positive Steroid Test, Sean Sherk Remains UFC Lightweight Champion

At UFC 73 in July, Sean Sherk successfully defended his Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight title. And then it was revealed that he failed the steroid test that the state of California required of him.

Since then it has remained up in the air whether he would be stripped of the lightweight title, but now Steve Sievert of Brawl Sports reports that Sherk will remain the champion. The California State Athletic Commission reduced Sherk's suspension from a year to six months, and that was enough for UFC to allow him to retain his title.

In my view, keeping Sherk as champion is a huge mistake by UFC President Dana White and a huge black eye for UFC. More than any other American sports organization, the UFC's credibility is at stake with every decision made by its leadership, and this decision lends credence to the people who like to bash UFC by suggesting that it's a bunch of steroid-fueled freaks engaged in human cockfighting. If Sherk is to be allowed back in UFC at all, he should have to earn his title belt back. Instead, White has handed it to him.

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