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UFC 78: Undercard Live Blog: Parisyan - Chonan, Alexander - Silva, Fisher - Edgar

Welcome to the FanHouse live blog of UFC 78, where we'll be providing live, round-by-round updates of all of the fights on tonight's undercard.

FanHouse's Dan Benton is on the scene with word on the non-televised portion of the show: Akhiro Gono beat Tamdan McCrory with an arm bar in the second round, Marcus Aurelio beat Luke Caudillo by TKO in the first round, Joe Lauzon beat Jason Reinhardt by submission in the first round (Dan tells me the crowd went nuts cheering for Lauzon in that one). Thiago Alves beat Chris Lytle by TKO under order of the doctor, and Dan tells me the crowd chanted BS.

When the undercard is over, you can join us over at the UFC 78 Rashad Evans-Michael Bisping main event live blog.

Tonight's undercard fights include Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan, Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva, Spencer Fisher vs. Frank Edgar and Ed Herman vs. Joe Doerksen.

The show has started and the live blog starts after the jump.
Refresh this page often to get continuous updates on all of the fights.

Spencer Fisher vs. Frank Edgar
I have to give Fisher the edge in the entrance music, as he comes in to the stylings of Johnny Cash.
Round 1: A nice take down and we're on the ground early. Edgar is showing some nice wrestling skills. We've had a good deal of action on the ground but not a lot of damage. They stood up briefly, Fisher tried a high kick but slipped, and they're back on the ground. Not a lot of damage done, but Edgar controlled the pace, and the first round clearly goes to Edgar.

Round 2: Edgar with the takedown right at the start. Fisher gets back up, but he's not doing much of anything; Edgar is in control. Edgar gets on top, lands punches and Fisher has a lot of blood coming from above his eye. For a brief moment I thought Fisher was going to get an arm bar, but Edgar broke free, and he's dominating this fight. Again, the second round clearly goes to Edgar.

Round 3: Fisher tried to do a spin before his kick, but Edgar figured it out and took him down. The third round is starting a lot like the first two did. Edgar tried for a rear-naked choke but couldn't do it. Fisher has really done nothing here at all, it's a dominant performance by Edgar. Fisher just has to try to do something, and he really isn't getting anything going. I give the third round to Edgar and I'll be stunned if he doesn't win by unanimous decision. Frank Edgar wins by unanimous decision.

Ed Herman vs. Joe Doerksen
Herman enters the Octagon wearing a shirt advertising That's classy.
Round 1: They're just doing a little bit of slapping against the cage, but Doerksen is already bleeding profusely and we're only a minute in. Not a lot of action early but a lot of blood. Herman is definitely in control of the round, staying on top and opening up that cut. Round 1 for Herman.

Round 2: Herman starts out swinging wildly and missing, and then Doerksen tries to kick but slips. This fight is looking a lot like the first fight, with Herman dominating the same way Edgar did. But just as I say that, Doerksen does a nice job getting on top of Herman and looks like he might finally do a little damage. Herman then is able to transition and get back on top, though. Just as the round ends, Doerksen almost gets Herman into a submission, but Herman just manages to survive the round. It was a very close round that I'll probably give to Doerksen.

Round 3: And Herman lands a right hand and then a left punch and it's a knockout! Amazing! Herman wins by knockout. A solid left hand to the chin finishes the fight.

Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan
Chonan walks into the Octagon wearing a Hannibal Lecter-type mask. Parisyan enters to "Bad to the Bone." Randy Couture is in Parisyan's corner, which is a little weird, to say the least.
Round 1: Parisyan lands a left hook, knocking Chonan to the ground and getting on top quickly. They're back on their feet and exchanging punches and Parisyan is winning this one. Parisyan gets a takedown halfway through the round. Chonan lands a solid right after they get back on their feet, but with a minute to go in the round it's definitely Parisyan's so far. I give the round to Parisyan.

Round 2: The round starts slowly, as they stay on their feet. But then Chonan lands a solid right hand and goes for a kick, but Parisyan catches the kick. Parisyan lands a strike that takes Chonan to the ground, and then Parisyan gets on him halfway through the round. Parisyan has definitely won this round with a nice flurry at the end, and Chonan will need to knock out or submit him in round three.

Round 3: The round starts with Parisyan kicking Chonan in the place where men don't like to be kicked. The crowd is booing a relative lack of action here. Chonan has landed a couple of strikes, but for the most part it's Parisyan all the way. Chonan is trying to make a few things happen with some kickboxing moves, but this is really Parisyan's fight, and with a minute to go it's been a disappointing showing by Chonan. I'll be shocked if Parisyan doesn't win this thing by unanimous decision. Karo Parisyan wins by unanimous decision.

Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva
Alexander with some Kid Rock to enter the ring. That never gets old.
Round 1
: They start in a clinch and the ref makes the right move, breaking them up. The high kick from Silva is caught by Alexander. Alexander gets a takedown but Silva is in a good position. Alexander gets mounted, which is bad news or him with three minutes to go in the first round. It's over! Silva mounts Alexander and pummels him with strikes until the ref stops it. Silva wins by TKO.

The Alexander-Silva fight marks the end of the undercard, so please join me at the UFC 78 Michael Bisping-Rashad Evans main event live blog.

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