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UFC: The Case for Dana White Being Right in Randy Couture Retirement

In the 48 hours since UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture announced his retirement, the reaction among fans and in the blogosphere has been overwhelmingly favorable toward Couture, and overwhelmingly negative toward UFC president Dana White.

But there is a case to be made for the other side. FanHouse commenter Dominic made a good point on a previous post:

At the time off the contract signing, Randy was coming off a KO loss and had a losing record at HW. No one thought he would win and Randy was just glad to get in the ring again. You know, the old Randy who just loved competition and lived for the joy of fighting? The Randy we all idolized.

No one forced him to sign the contract, now he needs to get paid more because Dana offered tons of money to a guy that Couture wanted to fight?

Look, both sides are in the wrong here. Couture pulled a T.O. because he decide he was worth more while still under contract.

There's not much disputing that. Couture signed a contract saying he would fight a certain number of fights for a certain amount of money. Now he's saying he won't fight that number of fights because he didn't like the amount of money. Isn't that why every Eagles fan hates Terrell Owens?

I still think Couture is so valuable to UFC that White should do everything in his power to keep him. But at the same time, we should remember that Couture is the one who wants to back out of the deal they made. White is more than happy to honor their agreement.

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