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UFC President Dana White on Randy Couture: 'His Scumbag Hollywood Agent' Is to Blame

UFC President Dana White is speaking out -- via an interview on UFC's official web site -- about the retirement of heavyweight champion Randy Couture. And White seems to think that the real reason Couture is retiring is that he wants to get into acting, and that "his scumbag Hollywood agent" told him to leave UFC.

White also says, "He hooked up with some Hollywood agent that I bitch slapped about a month ago, and these Hollywood agents are parasites."

In other news, White disputes reports that in nine months Couture's contract with UFC runs out, and he'll then be a free agent. So if Couture eventually wants to fight for another mixed martial arts organization, it sounds like it would take a court fight with UFC to do it.

Although White acknowledges that the failure of UFC to sign Fedor Emelianenko is one of the reasons that Couture left, he said "Fedor is completely overrated" and wouldn't have been able to put up a competitive fight against Couture anyway.

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