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Randy Couture Quits UFC: What Blogs Say

The departure of Randy Couture from UFC is one of the biggest stories in sports this week, and as usual with UFC, blogs are offering better insight than the mainstream media. Here are excerpts from the three best takes I've seen in the blogosphere:

This couldn't come at a worse time for the UFC. Their most marketable and beloved champion just retired and they couldn't sign Emilianenko to a deal. Also, their other star, Chuck Liddell, is in the midst of a two fight losing streak after a bad loss to Keith Jardine. The guy's nickname is "the dean of mean" for God's sake, come on Chuck. Is it possible that the UFC and President Dana White may have gotten a little overconfident?
-- Rumors and Rants.

Though White hardly seemed upset by UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture's announcement Thursday that he is retiring as a professional fighter and severing all ties with the company, how he handles the situation will determine whether the company will continue its rocket-like ascent toward mainstream acceptance or whether it will return to the netherworld of niche sports status.
-- Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports via MMA Junkie.

The loss of Couture is a major deal. It throws the heavyweight division into chaos ... much like the 155-pound weightclass. Losing a high-profile star like Couture the way that they did, certainly makes the situation even worse. In addition, it means that the big SuperBowl weekend card is now void of a main event. Don't be surprised to see Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva (if it gets signed) bumped to that card rather than UFC 79 in December.
-- UFC Mania.

Bottom line: Everyone agrees that the loss of Couture is a major loss for UFC, and everyone agrees that Dana White has dug himself a very big hole.

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