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Randy Couture on Leaving UFC: 'I'm Tired of Being Taken Advantage Of'

UFC heayweight champion Randy Couture is severing all ties with the organization, giving up his title belt as well as his role as an announcer.

One reason that he's walking away is simply that he's running out of opponents, and the one guy everyone wanted to see him fight, Fedor Emelianenko, isn't coming to UFC. But the other reason is interesting: He doesn't like how his boss is treating him.
"I know Fedor (Emelianenko) just signed with another organization and that's the only real fight that makes sense for me at 44 years old as the heavyweight champion of the UFC. That's the fight I wanted and if that can't happen it doesn't make sense for me to compete with all these other guys. And then obviously that's not going to happen now. And, two, I'm tired of being taken advantage of, played as the nice guy and basically swimming against the current with the management of the UFC. I have a lot of other things going on in my life that I'm doing just fine with. I don't need the problems. I don't feel like I get the respect I deserve from the organization, and that's motivation No. 2 for the letter of resignation that was sent today."

There have long been rumblings that fighters didn't like the way they were treated by UFC president Dana White. But White is now losing his most popular fighter, which means he really needs to work on his people skills.

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