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UFC 76 Undercard Live Blog

Welcome to the FanHouse live blog of UFC 76, where we'll give you live results, round-by-round, of all the fights in the undercard of UFC 76, which begins at 10 p.m. ET. UPDATE: The undercard is finished, so you can head over to our UFC 76 Chuck Liddell-Keith Jardine main event live blog. If Liddell wins, he'll fight Wanderlei Silva next.

In the non-televised portion of the program, Matt Wiman defeated Michihiro Omigawa, Christian Wellisch defeated Scott Junk, Rich Clementi defeated Anthony Johnson and Jeremy Stephens defeated Diego Saraiva.

The undercard is underway. Full round-by-round results of the four undercard fights after the jump.

This post will be updated throughout the fights, so refresh this page constantly.

Tyson Griffin vs. Thiago Tavares
Griffin enters the Octagon to "Eye of the Tiger." Seriously, can we please get some originality?
Round 1: We are underway. There's a lot of dancing early. Tavares missed with a high kick. The crowd is booing as there's been almost no contact at all. Griffin takes Tavares down and lands a powerful right hand. Griffin again lands a right on the ground. Tavares is warned about holding the cage. Griffin's rights are landing, although they don't seem to be doing a ton of damage. Round 1 goes to Griffin, 10-9.

Round 2: Tavares went with a flying knee and Griffin walked right into it. Tavares is on top of Griffin and Griffin is hurting. Tavares has the mount. Griffin is standing with Tavares on his back, and Tavares clearly has the advantage here. But just like that Griffin fights his way out and lands a series of strikes. Then Tavares goes for the arm bar. Both men are exhausted after an action-packed couple of minutes. Griffin slams Tavares onto his head! Tavares is bleeding above the eye. And he's badly swollen below the eye. In a fantastic second round, I'm going to give it to Tavares, 10-9, but I won't argue if you give it to Griffin.

Round 3: Tavares got Griffin to the ground and appeared to have him in a good position. But Griffin spun out of it. An incredible move. Griffin went to the ground face first but got up looking OK. Tavares knows he needs to do something here but can't get anything going. But now Tavares has Griffin to the ground, with just a minute and a half to go in the fight. Both men are having trouble doing anything because the second round took so much out of them. As the fight comes to an end, Tavares goes for an arm bar but Griffin gets out again. I'm giving the round and the fight to Griffin, but I wouldn't be shocked if the judges give it to Tavares. Griffin wins by unanimous decision.

Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Lyoto Machida
Nakamura enters the ring carrying an umbrella, prompting Joe Rogan to say, "Japanese are very strange, man."
Round 1: We are underway. Nice kick to get things started, and then they lock up. They go to the ground and Machida is in half guard. Through three minutes there hasn't been a ton of action, but Machida lands a good high kick. Nakamura wants to keep things in close. They finish the round on the ground, and there isn't a lot happening, but Machida definitely wins the round.

Round 2: Machida knocks Nakamura to the ground and pounces on him immediately, landing some strikes while Nakamura is flat on his back. Machida looked like he had Nakamura ready to tap, but Nakamura got out of it. Machida landed a bunch of strikes on the ground, but Nakamura got back up. But Nakamura really hasn't done any damage at all. Nakamura threw some punches and elbows at the end of the round to make it a little closer, but Machida still wins the round.

Round 3: Machida is trying for some kicks, and Nakamura lands a nice left hand. Nakamura is getting more aggressive, knowing he lost the first two rounds. This hasn't been a particularly good fight because there's never really been a time when I doubted that Machida would win. Nakamura has a bloody nose, and Machida is maintaining control. Machida landed a solid elbow. The fans are booing, and I don't blame them. Nakamura landed a great elbow with 15 seconds left, but that's not nearly enough. I'll be shocked if this is anything other than a unanimous decision for Machida. Machida wins by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges' cards.

Diego Sanchez vs. Jon Fitch
Fitch enters the Octagon to Johnny Cash. Now that's some entrance music I can endorse. Sanchez and Fitch had the coolest stare-down I've ever seen.

Round 1: Sanchez sprinted across the Octagon and went for the takedown, but Fitch was ready. Through a minute and a half, they've spent almost the entire fight up against the cage, and the crowd is getting restless. Fitch took Sanchez down to the ground at the two minute mark. Overall Fitch has had the advantage, although there have been a couple of times when Sanchez looked like he was getting close to a submission. I give the round to Fitch.

Round 2
: Sanchez again went for the takedown at the beginning of the round, but Fitch ended up on top. Fitch's foot got stuck in Sanchez's shorts, but Fitch used his hand to free his foot. They've been on the ground for almost the entire fight. Fitch slammed Sanchez to the ground, but Sanchez ended up in a pretty good position. Fitch is elbowing Sanchez in the hamstring area as they continue to battle on the ground. Fitch is landing some strikes on the ground with 30 seconds left. Sanchez is bleeding. I give the second round to Fitch, and Sanchez is going to need a knockout or submission.

Round 3
: They touch gloves to start the third round. Fitch goes for a high kick but Sanchez blocks with his hand. Sanchez has Fitch in the guillotine. Fitch got out of it and landed a solid strike. Sanchez seems to know he needs a submission. Fitch is in an advantageous position here. He basically just needs to hold on, with less than two minutes to go, and he's on top. Again, the crowd is booing. I think UFC may have made a mistake by calling this show "Knockout" because the fans were expecting different fights than they're getting. Sanchez almost got the triangle submission, but Fitch got out of it again. It's over, and I think Fitch will win on the judges' cards. Fitch wins by split decision.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs. Forrest Griffin
They're spending an awfully long time talking about this fight. Let's see these guys get in the Octagon already.

Rua has now entered the Octagon. And now Griffin has, too.
Round 1: Griffin starts with a couple of leg kicks, Rua goes to the body, and ow they're on the ground. Rua lands a really tough leg kick. The crowd is chanting Forrest's name. The first minute has been tremendous. Rua is on top but Griffin is maintaining control. They trade elbows. The round is halfway over and it's been non-stop. Rua misses with a high kick, Griffin lands a leg kick, and they exchange strikes. Griffin takes Rua down with two minutes to go.Griffin stands and lets Rua get up. Griffin lands a kick to the ribs. Rua has a big knot on his head. Griffin has done more damage than most people expected. Griffin lands a solid strike at the end of the round, and I'm giving round 1 to Griffin. I'm shocked at how well Griffin fought in the first round.

Round 2: It's a quick start to round 2. Rua goes straight to Griffin's leg, and Griffin goes for the guillotine. Rua gets on top and lands some strikes. There is a lot of blood on Griffin's face. Rua nailed him big time on the ground. Rua continues going for Griffin's knee. I can't believe this round is only half over. Lots of action, lots of blood pouring out of Griffin's face. Griffin is on top and landing strikes as they go to the ground. Rua looks absolutely exhausted. Griffin is in better shape no doubt about that. Griffin landed so many shots that the ref thought Rua might be ready to tap out because he couldn't take the strikes anymore. I'm giving round 2 to Griffin. This is amazing, I thought Rua would crush Griffin.

Round 3: Griffin goes for a high kick but it doesn't work, and it almost gives Rua the opening he needs. They go to the ground. Griffin looked for a triangle but couldn't get it. Griffin was warned for grabbing the cage, Griffin yelled back that he wasn't grabbing it, just pushing off it. Through two minutes of the round, Rua has controlled it. But just like that, Griffin gets the upper hand on the ground. Now they stand up, and then they're back down. Halfway done, this round has been intense. Griffin lands a series of strikes on the ground and Rua is having a very hard time protecting himself. There's a minute to go, and I think Griffin is going to hang on and win this fight, which is a total shock. Griffin wins! Submission! Rear naked choke. Forrest Griffin wins by tapout.

The undercard is now finished, so please join me at the UFC 76 Chuck Liddell - Keith Jardine main event live blog.