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UFC 76: Does Anyone Think Keith Jardine Can Beat Chuck Liddell?

Keith Jardine will fight Chuck Liddell tonight at UFC 76, and Jardine won't be reading this or anything else before he steps into the Octagon. Jardine knows full well that no one expects him to beat Liddell, the most popular fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports reports

"I instituted a personal media ban," Jardine said. "When they first announced the fight, I clicked around on the Internet a bit and saw some disrespect going on. So I decided I wasn't reading any message boards or Web sites or anything like that until after the fight was over. I've got more important things to worry about than whether people think I can hang in a main event." reports that Liddell has hit -450, meaning the sports books are practically begging you to put some money on Jardine. I still haven't come across anyone who actually thinks Jardine is going to win, but if you think that and you're willing to back up that thought with a little cash, you can make a handsome profit tonight.

We'll be live blogging UFC 76 here at FanHouse.