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UFC 76: Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine Main Event Live Blog

This is the live blog for tonight's UFC 76 main event, as former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell tries to get back on track against Keith Jardine.

If Liddell wins, he'll fight Wanderlei Silva next.

Liddell is the most popular fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but the last time we saw him in the Octagon, he was getting knocked out by Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The UFC desperately needs Liddell to win, as he's one of the organization's biggest pay-per-view draws, and a victory would set him up for another big pay-per-view fight, most likely late this year.

The main event will begin at about 12:30 a.m. ET.

Round-by-round live updates are after the jump.

This post will be updated throughout the fight, so refresh this page constantly.

Jardine has entered the Octagon. The crowd goes wild as Liddell walks toward the ring. Liddell is now in the Octagon. As popular as Forrest Griffin is, it's not even close -- the cheers for Liddell are twice as loud.

Round 1: Jardine is a little more aggressive to get things started. Liddell is back on his heels a bit as Jardine lands a couple of leg kicks. A body kick by Jardine is followed by some solid strikes from Liddell. Liddell chases Jardine around the Octagon with a couple of punches. Liddell's left hook is landing repeatedly. Jardine wants to do all his damage with kicks, while Liddell wants to punch. They haven't gone to the ground and they haven't gone against the cage. We're halfway through the round. Jardine landed a nice punch, and Liddell looks a little flustered. Jardine lands a kick. Liddell almost had Jardine cornered, but Jardine got out of the way. Liddell lands an uppercut. Liddell lands an overhand shot and then a kick, which took Jardine by surprise. That flurry at the end of the round gives the round to Liddell in my book, but it was close.

Round 2: Jardine lands a kick to Liddell's hip, and if he lands a few more of those, Liddell is in trouble. Liddell goes down! Jardine drilled him! But Liddell got back up and appears to have shaken it off. Still, Jardine is clearly winning this fight right now. Liddell needs to recover quickly as Jardine lands another body kick. Another big right hand from Jardine, and there's a welt on Liddell's left side. A right and a left from Jardine. Two minutes into this round, Jardine has dominated. Jardine lands a good leg kick, but Liddell has drawn blood on Jardine's face with a strike. Liddell lands a kick, but there wasn't a lot on it. Liddell drops Jardine, but Jardine gets back up. Liddell just missed with an elbow. Jardine lands a leg kick. This has been an action-packed round. One minute to go. Liddell is in good shape; he doesn't look the least bit gassed despite the frantic pace of this round. Jardine is landing kicks to Liddell's ribs, and those have to hurt. I give the second round to Jardine, meaning the winner of the third round wins the fight. Liddell looked confused at the end of the round, like he didn't know where his corner was.

Round 3: Jardine lands yet another leg kick, and then a left hook. Jardine lands three leg kicks in the first 30 seconds, although Liddell keeps coming. Jardine had a great game plan to go for the kicks to the leg and the body, and Liddell needs to do something as we're a minute into the round and Jardine has the upper hand. Right leg kick, left hook, over and over: That's Jardine's strategy. We're halfway through the round and Jardine has clearly won the round so far. Liddell needs to do something or it's over. Jardine has done a number of kick-punch combos and Liddell still hasn't adjusted to it. Big left hook for Jardine. Liddell can't do anything. One minute to go and Liddell probably needs a knockout. It's over. The fight has gone the distance and I give the third round to Jardine, meaning I give the fight to Jardine, 29-28. We'll see what the judges say.

Keith Jardine beats Chuck Liddell by split decision.