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Mark Cuban Keeping an Eye on UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Fight Night 11 took place Wednesday night in Vegas, and Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports has a good wrap up of everything that happened.

But I'm more interested in something that happened outside the Octagon. Mr. Sunshine reports that Mark Cuban was in attendance.
The Dallas Mavs' owner sat about 10 rows from the action. He had a few fans recognize him and he was greeted at one point by UFC president Dana White. They shook hands and spoke for a minute. The mood looked pleasant.

Cuban shows mixed martial arts on his HD Net, and he's known to have an interest in expanding his involvement in MMA, possibly including starting up an organization that could rival UFC.

I have mixed feelings about that. I think Cuban is great, and he could help make MMA more popular. But one of the reasons for the rapid growth of mixed martial arts is that almost all of the best fighters are in UFC, meaning there aren't rival promotions keeping the best fighters from fighting each other, as is often the case in boxing. An MMA organization run by Cuban would be good for the fighters, but it could result in fewer good fights for the fans.