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UFC 75: Michael Bisping Beats Matt Hamill

Michael Bisping beat Matt Hamill on a split decision in front of the home crowd at UFC 75 in London today.

The gimmick to hype the fight was that the two fighters were rivals during The Ultimate Fighter 3, and since The Ultimate Fighter has been a huge success for UFC, that made this an attractive fight to fans.

Sherdog scored the fight live and ruled the first round for Hamill but the second and third for Bisping. I said before the fight that Bisping is the superior fighter by a wide margin, but that was an overstatement, as this one could have gone either way. In any event, it's a solid victory for Bisping on his home turf.

UPDATE: Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports reports that although Bisping had the home crowd on his side during the fight, most of the fans thought Hamill should have won the decision.

Note: Although we're not doing a live blog of UFC 75, which will be televised tonight on Spike TV, we are providing live results of the major fights. We think the benefit of providing information outweighs the risk of alienating fans who don't like spoilers, but we welcome comments from those who disagree.