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The New York Times Does UFC

There's an article in today's New York Times about the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the most notable thing about it is that the writer, Seth Schiesel, treats the story as though he assumes most of his readers have never heard of UFC.
There are the more conventional rules, like no biting, no head-butting, no hair pulling, no eye gouging and no attacks to the groin or throat. Then there are the more exotic restrictions, like no "fish hooking" (putting fingers in an opponent's mouth and ripping at the cheek from inside) and no "small-joint manipulation" (yanking, bending or breaking an opponent's finger or toe).
I wonder what percentage of New York Times readers can name a single UFC fighter, or know that it's an actual sport, not a staged event like WWE. I'm sure it's very, very small, so Schiesel is performing a service just by catching people up on what UFC is.