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UFC 74 Video: Babalu Won't Let Go After David Heath Taps Out

Thanks to Blog of Hilarity for pointing us to the video of Renato "Babalu" Sobral's fight with David Heath at UFC 74. If you just want to get to the controversy, fast forward to almost the end of the video, where Babalu refuses to let go of his choke hold after Heath taps out. (This is semi-NSFW, as at one point, you can hear someone call Babalu an a--hole, but it's barely audible, and if you're at an office where you can watch a violent UFC fight, you can probably get away with a little bit of bad language, too.)

As I wrote yesterday, I believe Babalu should be kicked out of UFC for this. Mixed martial arts will never become a mainstream sport if its athletes can't abide by a rule as fundamental as letting go of a hold when the opponent taps out.

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