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Human Cockfighting? At UFC 74, Babalu Choked David Heath and Didn't Let Go

If his league is ever going to completely shed the ridiculous "human cockfighting" label, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White needs to come down hard on Renato "Babalu" Sobral for his actions at UFC 74.

Sobral beat David Heath by a second-round submission Saturday night, but he wouldn't quit after Heath tapped out. He kept holding the choke until Heath was unconscious. It was a dangerous, dirty move, and one that has no place in mixed martial arts or any sport. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will hold a hearing on Sobral's action and has withheld $25,000 of Sobral's $50,000 paycheck.

Dave Doyle of Yahoo! Sports reports that White said after the fight, "What he did was really bad. I'm not sure what the commission will do, whether they fine him or suspend him."

White shouldn't wait to see what the commission does. Sobral, who was arrested last month for battery and trespassing, has no business in UFC, and White needs to get rid of him.

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