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UFC 74: Randy Couture Beats Gabriel Gonzaga, Keeps Heavyweight Title

UFC 74 featured a battle for the ages, as heavyweight champion Randy Couture defeated his bigger, younger challenger Gabriel Gonzaga with a third-round stoppage that finished a dominating performance Saturday night.

Gonzaga was a bloody mess for most of the fight. Couture broke his nose severely in the first round, and for the rest of the fight, it was clear that Couture was going to win.

In the Octagon immediately after the fight, Couture described how he "heard the crunch" when Gonzaga's nose broke on a first-round takedown. That takedown was the key to an absolutely amazing victory for the 44-year-old Couture. Despite giving up 25 pounds and a decade and a half in age, Couture thoroughly whupped the 28-year-old Gonzaga.

The result is an upset -- Gonzaga was the betting-line favorite -- but looking at the fight, it's hard to remember why. Couture was just the better fighter, and it wasn't even close.

One of the biggest questions now for UFC is who Couture will fight next. But for now, he's the champion, and as hard as it is to say this about a guy who's in his mid-40s, he looks like he could stay the champion for quite a while.

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