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Brock Lesnar Coming Soon to UFC?

Brock Lesnar, who won the NCAA heavyweight wrestling title at Minnesota and later turned to the staged version of wrestling and won the WWE championship, may be close to signing on with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Lesnar has fought only one mixed martial arts match in his life, but he's a great athlete and still young enough, at 30, to develop into a top-notch fighter. If UFC brings him along slowly, he could develop into a title contender.

Dave Meltzer reports that there's talk of Lesnar fighting current UFC champ Randy Couture (who will defend his title tonight at UFC 74), but that seems like a bad idea. Why would anyone take Lesnar seriously as a title contender before he's proven himself against lesser competition?

The best-case scenario for UFC is that Lesnar agrees to a multi-fight deal, starting with low-level opponents, and that the addition of Lesnar brings in more fans of pro wrestling, and makes UFC more popular. I think that's what will happen, and I think UFC could announce the signing of Lesnar as soon as tonight's event, which we'll be live blogging here at FanHouse.

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