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Kyle Maynard, Born Without Arms or Legs, Wants to Try Mixed Martial Arts

You may have seen Kyle Maynard, the Georgia high school wrestler who was born without arms past the elbow or legs past the hip but if you haven't, here's a video that show shim not just wrestling, but winning:

Now Maynard wants to try mixed martial arts, but the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission voted to deny him a license to fight.

It's a tough call. Maynard is an intelligent adult and a good athlete, and he understands the risks involved in mixed martial arts and his own limitations. Why should he be stopped from fighting?

On the other hand, state athletic commissions exist, more than any other reason, to protect the safety of athletes. It's easy to envision a scenario in which Maynard gets badly hurt in a mixed martial arts competition. As much as I love watching Maynard wrestle, I don't think mixed martial arts is the right sport for him, and if I were on the commission, I would have voted to deny him a license, too.

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