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Interview: Keith "KO Kid" Berry talks KOTC title-winning bout

Keith "KO Kid" Berry recently made history by becoming one of the youngest champions in the King of the Cage promotion. At the age of nineteen, Berry defeated Sean "the Destroyer" Loeffler on Sunday, August 5th at KOTC's "Collision Course" event to win the KOTC middleweight championship. caught up with the young champ. Being so young, has the feeling that you are a World Champion set in?

Berry: Yes it has! It feels really good I've always wanted to be the champ of a good organization like King of the Cage. Any injuries sustained during the fight?

Berry: No, not really just a couple bumps and bruises but nothing major. What was your game plan for the fight?

Berry: My game plan for the fight was to come straight forward and knock him out. But at the last minute my trainers thought it would be a good idea to stay back and try to defend the take down, but it wasn't, because he just came forward and instead of going for the takedow, he just punched me in the face (laughs), so next time I'm just going to stick with my game plan and come forward 100 mph. The beginning of the fight both of you rushed in to push the pace. Was this part of your game plan or were you just reacting to your opponent?

Berry: Basically I tried to judo throw him but he hit the cage and ended up mounted me so no more throws for me. Loeffler looked to be stronger fighter. Were you surprised by his strength and how did you adjust?

Berry: No, not really. I believe I was the stronger fighter. It was my first time cutting weight so I think that had a lot to do with it but no doubt Sean is tough. You were able to put on a slick triangle choke to win the fight. Walk us through the last minute leading up to the submission.

Berry: I just noticed he was tired and my favorite submission is the triangle choke so I went for it quick and sunk it in. The fight was originally scheduled for Mike Guymon vs. Sean Loeffler for the title. Mike was injured in his IFL fight. How did KOTC approach you for the title fight?

Berry: They basically told me what happened and then I accepted the fight right away. We are used to seeing you fight at 205. Was cutting the weight a problem?

Berry: Yes it was but I have a diet plan for next time and I will follow it and hopefully won't have a problem next time. I will name current KOTC middleweights in contention. What are your thoughts on them?

- Mike Guymon

Berry: Very good at submissions. A lot of experience and a nice guy.

- Jamie Jara

Berry: Also very good at submissions. KO power and a cool guy as well.

- Umar Love

Berry: I think me and Umar match up very well because we will have some fun throwing the leather. I would want to defend the belt against Umar to give the crowd a very exciting stand up fight. If you go through opponents at 185, any chance we see you jump to 205 and contend for the light heavyweight title?

Berry: No I think I was stay at 185 for a while Thanks once again Keith for this interview. Anything you would like to say to your fans in closing?

Berry: I just want to thanks all my supporters and fans and my sponsors, Booyaa Fight Wear,, Joe Castro, and Monster energy drink. Thanks again for the time to do this interview.

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