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Want to Try Your Hand at UFC? Here's How

On the list of things you can learn from reading a book, I'd rank "how to become a UFC fighter" pretty low. But The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ultimate Fighting will try to teach you. UFC Junkie reports:

The book will discuss the usual, including the history of the sport, rules of engagement, and how a fight is scored. However, the book focuses more on actually competing and not so much on the UFC's 14-year history. Dieting is discussed, and the book includes tips on fighting, including stand-up and ground techniques, as well as work for the clinch.

I was kind of under the impression that the powers that be in UFC don't like hearing their sport referred to as "ultimate fighting," but apparently not, since this book is affiliated with the organization.
The book, co-written by former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin and Ninja Handbook author Jon F. Merz, hits bookstores in September.

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