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UFC 75 on Spike -- Not Pay Per View, Not Live

The Houston Chronicle has good news and bad news about UFC 75, which will feature light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson against Dan Henderson on Sept. 8.

The good: It will be on Spike TV, meaning fans can watch it for the price of basic cable, rather than having to shell out $40 to watch on pay per view. It's not clear whether the decision to put it on Spike has anything to do with the reported $100 million contract that UFC and Spike have reached, but either way, getting to see Jackson vs. Henderson for free is good for fans.

The bad: It will be on tape delay, meaning fans who like to peruse the web for their UFC news will either have to avoid sports sites all day or learn what happened before they can watch. The show is at night in London, and rather than show it live in the afternoon in America (as UFC did with its pay per view show from Ireland this year), Spike will broadcast it in prime time, several hours after it's over.

The verdict: This is a mistake on the part of UFC and Spike. Sports are best viewed live. Getting to see a show for free isn't such a great deal when you already know how it ends.

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