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Do Not Argue With Representative Filipovic

Mirko Filipovic, better known to Mixed Martial Arts fans as "Cro Cop," can lay claim to being one of the world's baddest men, knocking opponents on the K-1, Pride FC, and UFC circuits out with kicks like the textbook roundhouse seen below:

Mirko, who earned the nickname "Cro Cop" as a member of an elite police force in his native Croatia, has also been moonlighting at another job: being a member of the Croatian parliament. Filipovic won a seat in the elections of 2003, and according to his Wikipedia entry, has focused on issues surrounding police funding.

It's difficult not to imagine Cro Cop sitting in his polka-dot briefs in his seat in Parliament, putting tubby legislators in arm bars until they agree to give his fellow policemen lavish benefits packages and extra vacation days. At least that's what we hope he does, since Filipovic will be returning to the police force as a member of Croatia's anti-terror squad when his term ends in November, and winning the boys at the office over with a little extra gravy in the paycheck department never hurts.

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