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UFC Planning Outdoor Event in Hawaii

Here's an interesting wrinkle for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Its president, Dana White, wants Hawaii's Aloha Stadium -- best known to mainland fans as the home of the Pro Bowl -- to host the first-ever outdoor UFC event.
"I'm working on that right now as a matter of fact," White said in an exclusive interview with the Star-Bulletin. "I've wanted to bring one there for a long time and now that we have acquired PRIDE, I think it's the perfect time to do that big stadium because it would pull a lot of Americans and a lot of Japanese fans."

An outdoor UFC event would be fun to watch, and White is smart to think about a location that would draw in both American and Japanese fans. Sounds like a great idea to me, especially if I can get the boss to send me there to cover it.

Hat tip: UFCMania.

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