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In the Octagon, It Was a Draw; on Payday, Tito Ortiz Crushed Rashad Evans

Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight Tito Ortiz has lots of reasons to smile, and they're not all related to his porn star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson.

Another reason: Even though he fought Rashad Evans to a draw at UFC 73, Ortiz walked away with much, much more money than Evans. How much more? 100% Injury Rate reports that Ortiz was paid $210,000 while Evans was paid just $16,000. Although he's not a champion, Ortiz made more than twice as much as middleweight champion Anderson Silva and about seven times as much as lightweight champion Sean Sherk, both of whom also fought at UFC 73.

It might seem unfair that Ortiz gets so much more money than Evans even though they fought to a draw, but it's important to remember that fighters' paychecks are more about how many pay-per-view buyers they attract than about how well they do in the Octagon. Ortiz is enormously popular, and his pay reflects that. If anything, Ortiz is probably underpaid, relative to how much money he brings in to UFC.

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