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Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans Will Fight Again in Rematch of UFC 73 Draw

After Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans fought to a draw at UFC 73, I suggested that a rematch would be coming soon.

Today UFC President Dana White has confirmed it. On ESPNews this afternoon, White said as soon as both fighters are ready to go again, they'll square off against each other in the Octagon. White indicated that the rematch could come as soon as a couple months from now.

It will be a heavily anticipated fight. For the most part, Ortiz got the better of Evans, but a strong finish for Evans combined with a one-point deduction against Ortiz for grabbing the fence resulted in the draw. The feeling that Ortiz should have won the first time around, combined with the fact that the two of them seem to genuinely dislike each other, means the rematch is tailor made to get endlessly hyped, even by media outlets that usually ignore UFC.

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