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Chris Benoit's Mom: DEA Should Have Charged Him With Steroid Possession

The mother of professional wrestler Chris Benoit says the Drug Enforcement Administration should have charged her son when his name first surfaced in an investigation into illegal distribution of steroids, and that if it had, the deaths of Benoit, his wife and their son could have been avoided.

The DEA has known for some time that Benoit was acquiring steroids, but the feds rarely go after steroid users. They generally acquire evidence against users only so that they can compel the users to testify against their suppliers. Margaret Benoit says she wishes the DEA had arrested her son as soon as they learned that he was acquiring steroids.

DEA spokesman Rusty Payne said "it's ridiculous for anyone to think we could have known that anything like that could have happened," and he's obviously right. It's common for law enforcement authorities to take their time in assembling evidence in drug investigations, and the DEA can't possibly be blamed for failing to prevent a crime that it couldn't possibly have foreseen.