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UFC 73: Tito Ortiz Already Looking Past Rashad Evans to Rampage Jackson?

At UFC 73, Tito Ortiz will fight Rashad Evans. But Ortiz is already thinking about what he might do next. And if he has his sights set at the top of the light heavyweight division, that would mean fighting his close friend, the UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Ortiz said that fight is a possibility:

"You know, I think that really comes down to me and Rampage talking about it. I don't want to take money out of his family's mouth and vice versa. I don't really see a problem with it. I know when Rampage first came to the UFC the first thing he said to Dana was me and Tito aren't going to be fighting and I took that to heart too. But if we're getting paid a few million dollars to fight each other, you never know."

It would be a good fight, but there's one problem: They're not going to get a few million dollars unless they're both on winning streaks heading in, and both Ortiz and Jackson are going to have a tough time winning their next fights. If either one loses his next fight, an Ortiz-Jackson pairing would become significantly less interesting. That means Ortiz ought to be devoting all his attention to Evans right now.

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