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Did Chris Benoit Fake Son's Sickness?

When police discovered the grisly crime scene inside the home of Chris Benoit, where the pro wrestler killed his wife and son before killing himself, one of the most bizarre findings was the fact that 7-year-old Daniel Benoit had needle marks on his arms.
After the initial speculation that Benoit may have been injecting his son with steroids and hormones in an attempt to make him big enough to be a professional wrestler some day, it was reported that Benoit injected his son for legitimate medical reasons because Daniel suffered from Fragile X Syndrome.

But now local law enforcement authorities are calling that into question. The district attorney in the area says a review of medical and school records, as well as interviews with Daniel's teachers, shows no evidence that Daniel had any kind of physical or mental disability.

And that leads to the next round of speculation in this bizarre case: Could Benoit have faked his son's illness in order to get his hands on the types of performance-enhancing drugs that are available with a prescription but illegal otherwise? Might Benoit have obtained drugs for both his son and himself by tricking doctors into thinking his son had a sickness that he didn't have?

We don't know, and we might never know. But the speculation about this case won't stop any time soon.

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