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Lex Luger: 'People Like to See Freaks'

Why are steroids so prevalent in professional wrestling? Some people blame WWE owner Vince McMahon. But McMahon is a businessman who just gives customers what they want, and former pro wrestler Lex Luger says the use of steroids is really about pleasing the fans:
"People like to see freaks," said the former Lawrence Pfohl. "It's like live cartoon characters."

Luger used to be one of those cartoon characters. He was once known as "The Narcissist" and he would pose before a full-length mirror in the ring. Luger says he weighed as much as 270 pounds, which is absolutely ridiculous for a man of his body type.

Like so many wrestlers, Luger has had health and personal problems in his post-wrestling life. Most notably, his girlfriend, Elizabeth Hulette (known to wrestling fans as Miss Elizabeth) died in 2003, and he was arrested when the police who responded to his 911 call found steroids. But he seems to be turning his life around now, and his story might just have a happy ending.

Hat tip: The Big Lead.

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