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Feds Charge Chris Benoit's Doctor

Dr. Phil Astin, the personal physician to pro wrestler Chris Benoit, has been charged with improperly dispensing painkillers and other drugs. The charges are apparently not related to any drugs he gave Benoit.

Steroids were found in Benoit's home after he killed his wife, his son and himself, and Astin has acknowledged prescribing testosterone to Benoit. Although Astin insists his prescriptions were for legitimate medical reasons (he says Benoit had low testosterone levels), he has been a target of investigators since they found the steroids in Benoit's home, and Astin's office has been raided twice.

Astin's indictment listed drug recipients by the initials O.G. and M.J. Benoit was not named and the initials C.B. did not appear.

State and local authorities are handling the investigation into the deaths of Benoit, wife Nancy and son Daniel, but federal authorities have taken over the investigation into any connection between Benoit and illegal drugs.

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