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UFC 73: Tito Ortiz Calls Rashad Evans a 'Nappy-Headed Ho'

Well, now he's gone and done it. Echoing the words that got Don Imus fired from his radio and television gigs, Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Tito Ortiz called Rashad Evans, his African-American opponent at UFC 73, a "nappy-headed ho."

Ortiz called it "just a joke," but Evans is not amused:
"Even if you're saying it in a joking around manner, a lot of people don't joke like that," said Evans... "It makes him look like a clown. My uncle called me and he said 'You gotta whoop that boy's ass. You gotta whoop his ass for all the years of slavery.' It rubs some people wrong."

So is it OK for Ortiz to say what got Imus fired? I don't think many people will make an issue of it for the simple reason that people are interested in what Ortiz does in the Octagon, not what he says outside it. This is mostly just another piece of fuel for the pre-fight hype machine.


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