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Nancy Grace Believes Chris Benoit 'Was Under the Influence of Steroids'

CNN legal analyst Nancy Grace has turned her brilliant mind to the Chris Benoit story, and she has concluded that steroids are the reason Benoit killed his wife, his son and himself. In an interview with the former wrestler Bret Hart, Grace said that Benoit loved his son, and that since he loved his son but killed him anyway, steroids must have been the reason:

"When the little boy was found dead, I believe in his own bed, in his bedroom, beside the bed is a statuette of his father. It was mutual adoration. Mr. Hart, that leads me to believe that he was under the influence of steroids. This guy loved his son."

Watch the video:

Hart was obviously taken aback that Grace would draw such a bizarre conclusion, and he did his best to explain to her that steroids don't suddenly turn an otherwise perfectly healthy person into a cold-blooded killer.

This is a major story that deserves media scrutiny, but Grace is clearly the wrong person for that role.

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