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Nancy Benoit, Wife of Chris Benoit, Feared Marriage Would End 'In a Bad, Bad Way'

Professional wrestling manager Nancy Benoit was strangled by her pro wrestler husband, Chris Benoit, last weekend. Chris later killed their 7-year-old son, Daniel, and then committed suicide. Now a friend of Nancy's tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that Nancy feared her husband.

"Nancy had for a long time believed this relationship would end violently and in a bad, bad way," said a former co-worker and Benoit family friend speaking on conditioning of anonymity. "She always said the two of them were doomed to hurt each other. But she never imagined Daniel would get in the crosshairs."

Nancy Benoit, who performed in pro wrestling using the stage name Woman, got a restraining order against Chris in 2003 but asked that it be lifted later that year.

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