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UFC: Gray Maynard Slams Robert Emerson, Knocks Himself Out

Saturday night's season finale of The Ultimate Fighter had a couple of interesting fights, with B.J. Penn beating Jens Pulver and Manny Gamburyan losing to Nate Diaz. But the most fascinating part of the night -- one of the most fascinating sports moments in recent memory -- was this:

That was Gray Maynard slamming Robert Emerson to the ground. Emerson was already hurting, and that slam was the last straw -- he tapped out, signaling that he was submitting. But there was just one problem: Maynard had knocked himself out, slamming his own head into the canvas with Emerson's body. The referee -- correctly, despite what the fans and TV announcers initially thought -- ruled the fight a no contest because neither fighter could continue.

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