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Nate Diaz Is The Ultimate Fighter

With a second-round win over Manny Gamburyan, Nate Diaz won season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter, the reality series that pits 16 contestants in a single-elimination tournament, with the winner earning a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Diaz won when Gamburyan seriously injured his shoulder just 20 seconds into the second round. The shoulder looked grotesque and appeared to be a bad dislocation. Given that Gamburyan got the better of Diaz in the first round, and that Diaz really didn't do anything to cause Gamburyan to tap out, it's an anticlimactic ending to The Ultimate Fighter, and we will almost certainly see a Gamburyan-Diaz rematch soon.

Still, there's only one winner of the show and the six-figure UFC contract that goes with it, and in this season of The Ultimate Fighter, that one winner is Nate Diaz.

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