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HBO Deal With UFC on the Ropes

There has been rampant speculation in the mixed martial arts world that it's just a matter of time before HBO gets involved. HBO is already the leading network in boxing, and as mixed martial arts continues to grow, it only makes sense that HBO would like to make the leap.

But HBO's previous CEO, Chris Albrecht, was the biggest supporter of adding mixed martial arts, and after HBO fired Albrecht, Variety reports that the partnership now looks unlikely:
Another of Albrecht's proposed changes seems to be on the ropes, as a pact to bring in UFC, the mix-martial arts league, may not go forward.

Albrecht had been a big champion of a deal. But HBO Sports topper Ross Greenburg and other execs have resisted, feeling it would tarnish boxing and the rest of the HBO brand.

That's a shame. Although Jim Lampley isn't a fan of mixed martial arts, for the most part, HBO and UFC seem like a match made in heaven. Now it won't happen.

Hat tip: UFCMania.

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