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Former UFC Champion Royce Gracie's Nandrolone Levels Off the Charts

Royce Gracie was the champion of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event, and although he no longer fights in UFC, he'll always be a legend of the sport. So when news broke that Gracie tested positive for steroids at his last mixed-martial arts competition, his fans were hoping there was some kind of innocent explanation.

The latest news makes it awfully unlikely that there's an innocent explanation. According to 411Mania, Gracie's nandrolone levels were so high -- above 50 ng/ml -- that the laboratory that conducted the urine test couldn't even get a reading on its calibrator. The scientific explanation:

A normal person could have a level of 2 ng/mL of Nandrolone that the human body could potentially produce and an athlete that has just completed rigorous physical exercise could have a level of 6 ng/mL.

We received a written response from the laboratory's Director of Science and Technology confirming the positive "A" sample and positive "B" sample.
Gracie's PR representatives issued a statement last week saying he doesn't use steroids and noting the possibility of exercise raising nandrolone levels. It will be interesting to see how they explain nandrolone levels that are literally off the charts.

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