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Bad Idea: Ken Shamrock Wants to Fight Again

Ken Shamrock, one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, is planning to come out of retirement and fight again.

"I'm waiting to see when my next fight will be. My agent Rod Donohue is negotiating with (UFC president) Dana White. I'm ready to return and I hope it's soon."

I have one word of advice for him: Don't.

This isn't like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement in 1995. It's not even like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement in 2001. This is like Oscar Robertson coming out of retirement in 2007. Shamrock is 43 years old and has fought seven times in the last five years. His record in those seven fights is 1-6. He's currently on a streak of four straight losses, all of which had to be stopped in the first round.

Shamrock isn't just risking his legacy, he's risking his life. He showed in his last fight, a loss to Tito Ortiz in October, that he has no business in the Octagon. UFC should not welcome him back.

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