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Report: Royce Gracie, First UFC Champion, Tests Positive for Steroids

Many of us who like mixed martial arts trace our interest in the sport to Nov. 12, 1993, when Royce Gracie won the first Ultimate Fighting Championship. The sport has changed, and UFC 1 was a very different event than tomorrow's UFC 72, but it laid the groundwork for the success of the sport, and that makes Gracie one of the sport's immortals.

And now his legacy has been tainted forever. reports that Gracie tested positive for traces of Nandrolone, a commonly used anabolic steroid, after his June 2 fight in Los Angeles. Gracie is suspended for a year, but as UFC Mania notes, a yearlong suspension is nothing compared to the way the public perception of Gracie will forever be changed.

People who don't care about mixed martial arts, or who only recently discovered the sport, won't understand the extent to which this matters, but Gracie is a giant in mixed martial arts, and to learn that he's a cheater is a giant shock.

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